Customized to your Vehicle

Whether you drive a Fit or a Ferrari, a Jeep or a Jaguar, we have the exact customized fob and programming sequence for your vehicle. Only the dealer can match our level of service, but you know what that will cost you! As a matter of fact, many dealers will come to us to perform the programming, then charge you their price. So avoid the lines, hours of waiting and ridiculous fees and get your money's worth today!

Getting your Fob Online? You Might Want to Reconsider...

Many online remote and fob retailers will use Amazon, Ebay, etc. to sell their inferior products to you. Unfortunately, most of these products have reduced service life or do not work at all. Although their price might be tempting, always remember that you get what you pay for. Our products are guaranteed to work and are correct OEM licensed replacements.

Quick, Reliable Service

It's no fun waiting hours for your car at the dealer or dropping it off while they work on it. With our appointment system, we guarantee that you will be in and out, usually within 30 minutes. If you choose to drop it off, you can do that too, but not because you have to. Make an appointment today and save time as well as money!

Schedule an Appointment...

We can't wait to help you with your auto key needs! Make an appointment to bring your car to our convenient location or have us  come to your home or workplace.